May 11, 2011

Leveling and Grading Your Yard

Well grading you are ground, is a highly fundamental step in preparation for planting new grass. It is a highly uncomplicated but strenuous task. If you have a yard with a lot of roots, this can turn into a major ordeal that will involve contractors and earth moving equipment. If your Yard currently has grass in it, you must be able to prevent this drastic measure.

If you live in a flat portion of the country, you should really be able to do this job on your own. If you live in the mountains or some of the additional hilly areas, you will most likely want some skilled support.

Your Yard need to be highly level. The reason for this is to preserve the foundation of your home. They Yard should really be sloping downwards or some way pointed away from the home. When it rains, you will want the rain fall to move away from the house, so it does not mess with your foundation. If you have a home to where the water runs under the house, this will ultimately lead to a foundation difficulty. Make positive you do your preferred to level the Yard so drainage goes away from the home.

You commonly want to have a slope that is about a quarter inch for every single foot from your house. So if you are standing on your front porch, at a distance of 100 feet, the ground need to be about 2 feet lower than it is at the base of your home. This will make certain appropriate drainage for rainfall. You can use three foot long wooden stakes to help you with this. What you want to do is get three or four wooden stakes, measure about 25 to 50 feet apart, and then drive them in the ground all to the same depth. Then you will require to take a string and lay it on top of each and every stake. On top of the strain you will have to have to use a level. This will tell you regardless of whether your yard is effectively set for drainage.

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